Tasks and projekts

The EEK.SH promotes research and development of technologies in renewable energies in Schleswig-Holstein through the interdisciplinary networking of scientists and companies. Thereby it makes an important contribution to the German energy transition. Practical and interdisciplinary handling of research questions and sustainable knowledge transfer are very important factors in the work of EEK.SH.

How we can help you:

  • Initiating and executing R&D-projects, project management
  • Transferring knowledge and technology
  • Expert support with innovation projects
  • Mediating partners from science and industry
  • Interdisciplinary cooperations between engineers, economists and natural scientists
  • Participation in a state-wide network of knowledgeable experts
  • Supporting SME as part of applied research
  • Information on renewable energies in Schleswig-Holstein

Further information


On this page you can learn about projects related to renewable energies and climate protection that have been realised under the umbrella of EEK.SH and/or its predecessors.