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Public relations and marketing

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Further education

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Project Management Organization

The Project Management Organization of EEK.SH is the FuE-Zentrum FH Kiel GmbH, an independent company that is operated privately. Its objective is technology transfer between science and industry.

The FuE-Zentrum operates the offshore research platforms FINO1 (since 2012) and FINO3 (since 2009). FINO1 is located in the North Sea in close proximity to the first German offshore wind park Alpha Ventus, which has been supplying electricity from wind power since 2010. FINO3 was planned, built and commissioned by the FuE-Zentrum 80km west of Sylt. Research and technology projects from various universities and companies are carried out on both platforms. These experiments shall provide new, valuable insights for the development and construction of offshore wind parks. For example, scientists research wave height, the frequency of ship traffic and wind force on the FINOs as well as the effects on the maritime ecosystem or bird migrations.

Project partners

EEK.SH is a joint project of five universities in Schleswig-Holstein.