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The Competence Centre Renewable Energies and Climate Protection Schleswig-Holstein, EEK.SH for short, has been the central point of contact for universities for all questions concerning renewable energies since October 2015. As successor of CE WindEnergy Schleswig-Holstein and the Schleswig-Holstein Centre of Biomass, the thematic spectrum of EEK.SH now covers all aspects of renewable energy: all kinds of energy source as well as cross-cutting issues. The EEK.SH is funded by the State of Schleswig-Holstein and the Landesprogramm Wirtschaft with funds from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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EEK.SH is the central point of contact for all questions regarding renewable energies

Our goals:

Networking universities, institutes and companies to establish interdisciplinary connections and an optimal use of the resources in Schleswig-Holstein

Development of a state-wide communications platform that encompasses all energy sources and provides a central point of contact for questions concerning energy research

Expansion of the competencies of the universities and research institutions in Schleswig-Holstein in the field of renewable energies and their visibility

Initiation and execution of R&D projects, demonstration and pilot projects

Optimising the transfer of knowledge and technology between science and industry

Advancement of existing competence networks (wind energy and biomass) and their integration into EEK.SH

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Organisation of EEK.SH

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Network Agency EE.SH

The Network Agency Renewable Energies Schleswig-Holstein (EE.SH) is central point of contact for companies in Schelswig-Holstein and counterpart of EEK.SH.