System integration

The second phase of the German energy transition to the sole use of renewable energy entails various problems and questions that apply to all energy sources. One important keyword is system integration, meaning the integration of energy from renewable energy sources into the existing power supply system. Only if this is achieved will it be possible to reach the climate protection targets in Schleswig-Holstein and Germany. The research in the field of system integration and cross-cutting issues concentrates on questions such as:

  • How can a consistent power output be assured with the fluctuating power input from renewable energies?
  • How can electricity from German states with a grand share in renewable energies be easily and reliably transmitted to other states?
  • How can electricity be stored for days when sunlight and wind conditions are poor?
  • How can an intelligent interplay of power generation, consumption and modern grids be established?

The EEK.SH would like to make a contribution to answering these questions. It will gradually develop a network of practice-oriented actors from science and industry in order to transform future questions about system integration into solutions.

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Projects related to system integration

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