Biomass is nearly inexhaustible because its annual accumulation exceeds the human race’s demand for energy by a factor of five or six. Even if only a portion of the growing biomass can actually be used for ecological, technical and economic reasons, its potential for energy generation and materials is immense.
In Schleswig-Holstein biomass is already contributing significantly to our energy supply. It is by a considerable margin the largest renewable source of energy used in heating in the state (MELUR Schleswig-Holstein). Wood, energy crops, straw and biogas essentially offer the potential to sustainably generate a considerable share in our energy supply.
To exploit this potential, the CE Biomass Schleswig-Holstein has built a network of actors from science and industry in the field of biomass. They worked together to explore questions in the use of biomass and find solutions. This network now forms one of the pillars of the EEK.SH. An exchange between the participants takes place at a wide variety of events, e.g. at the regular “Kieler Algen-Stammtisch”- a discussion group on the uses of algae. CE Biomass SH is integrated into the EEK.SH at a technical and personnel level.

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